Amateur Photographer, NMSnoopy alias Nicolas Morisset

With my pictures I try to show you how Nature is beauty and we need to protect it. I love Nature for sure but even more birds...When I see birds I'm like a kid having a new I don't destroy my toys... :) I'm not looking for the best picture, I try to do my best for sure but my first priority is the observation and not to disturb too much the species. By the way it is the most difficult part. Quite often I leave my subject if I see it is too disturbing for the bird. I'm not the kind of photographer staying a day in a tent. Nope! I prefer to walk around there are so many out there to observe. Of course, I spent a lot of time for the observation before getting a nice shot. Sometimes I completely failed but it's not important for me. As I know one day I will get what I'm looking for. Most of the time, more you insist for getting a good shot of a specy and less you succeed. And one day the bird is coming to you and stays front of you waiting for the shot! Yeap it works like that sometimes and what a pleasure! :)

Hope you'll enjoy my shots.

That's all foolks :)

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